Syncretic music.
Electronic & Maloya.

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Labelle (solo) at NME #3

Labelle new solo performance for the "Nuit des Musiques expérimentales #3" at LESPAS Saint Paul

Saint-Paul, RE

String quartet and Electronic.

Labelle with the Metavers String Quartet et Rungis.

Théâtre de Rungis




Maloya electronics of Labelle lives at first as an experience, an accelerator of imagination. Either sung or either declaimed, in the tradition of fonnkèrs from Réunion Island, rhythmical, electronic or more experimental, he is constantly surprising by his capacity to pull atmospheres and by the introspection which he generates.

Resolutely syncretic, the universe of Labelle unites maloya (from Reunion traditional music) and electronics, colored with Indian and African touches, to give birth to a new shape flirting with the universality. On stage, Labelle lives in its music and invites the public in the meditative depth, in the dance, even in the trance.

Labelle défie la pesanteur et dessine les contours du futur de la musique de l'océan Indien.
Album of the month.
Trax Magazine
Cordes, clarinette, flûtes et percussions conversent ou se fondent avec les boucles, nappes, brumes et orages dessinés par Labelle.
Le Monde
« C’est comme si le producteur avait séquencé l’ADN du maloya et replanté ses racines dans un rêve sensible et mystérieux »
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"Labelle is clearly a very talented musician, composer and producer. His synthesis of modal harmonies and tribal rhythms is very reminiscent of the ‘Fourth World’ created by the venerable Jon Hassell"
Monolith Cocktail