Piano, orchestra & electro-maloya


Piano by Vanessa Wagner

Composition & Electronic by Labelle

Transcription by William Goutfreind

Pictures by Célia Delville, Caroline Doutre, Éric Lafargue

Production : Eumolpe

Supports : TEAT de La Réunion, Opéra de Toulon, Orchestre National de Bretagne, CRR Réunion, Orchestre de la Région Réunion, Region Réunion, DAC de la Réunion, Ville de Saint-Denis de La Réunion.

NEW CREATION ! 1st concert at TÉAT Champ fleuri -> https://www.labelle.re/events

"Vanessa Wagner had an idea. Labelle responded to it.

Vanessa narrates a sensitive orchestral work, expressed through Labelle’s electro-acoustic and maloya sound.

They come together in a shared expression: nature and our relationship to her.

An attempt to get closer.

To watch it...to feel it.

Nature is not merely a materialistic source of worry about the future, but the living pervasiveness of the present moment.

A raw space filled with energy and things.

Stopping at her doors, Is looking into infinity, into deep space, into a form of reality where consciousness and speech dissipate.

Uniting body and spirit in an exquisite moment. Accepting death.

Reunion, land of the lavish, lush and lively.

France, loaded, age-old soil.

Ancestralism, spirituality, nature, animism, ritual.

To transmit.

From intimate to grandiose, from a suspended solo to a head-to-head orchestral dialogue, with the piano at the centre, telling the story.

The electronics will play with the space and with the relationship between sounds and pitch, exploring a progressive increase from something entirely acoustic to something entirely...transformed.

Traditional percussion from Réunion will keep the pulse."

Labelle, 2020.