No Man's Land

music for dance performance

No Man's Land


Conception & Chorégraphy:

Valérie Rivière


Maureen Mouttou

Robin Fabre Elissalde

Original Music:



Nathalie Natiembé

Gilles Lauret



Maya Kamaty

Texts & Poems:

12 jours dans la vie d’un réfugié, Philippe Bardonnaud, Pascal Dervieux, Vanessa Descouraux

The New Colossus, Emma Lazarus

Discours lors du premier vol dans l'espace,

Youri Gagarine

Derniers Temps, Michel Houellebecq

Identity, Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Benoite, Nathalie Natiembé

I am Nobody ! Who are you ? Emily Dickinson

Acteur du temps, Sybille Rembard

Poème de Claude Faber


Eleonore Jounot

Lighting Design:

Eric Blosse

Scenography & Stylism:

Valérie Rivière

Lighting and sound engineer:

Fabrice Barbotin

Valentin Mouligné

Show visual

Graphic Design

Atteret Design


Alexis Atteret


Elsa Gendre

Production :

Paul Les Oiseaux

Creation Subsidies:

Drac Aquitaine (Aide au Projet)

Ville de Bordeaux (Fonds d’Aide à la Création)



Théâtre Olympia d’Arcachon

Théâtre des Quatre Saisons Gradignan

L'Odyssée Scène Conventionnée - Périgueux (24)



Fond d'Aide à la Création de la Ville de Bordeaux


La Cité des Arts - Saint Denis de la Réunion (974)

Le Cuvier de Feydeau - Artigues-près-Bordeaux (33)


La Région Nouvelle Aquitaine

Le Conseil Départemental de la Gironde

La Ville de Bordeaux


This creation talks about sensitive themes, about liberty, about identity. “No man's land” is a place where anything can occur. Garden of Eden, emptiness, the no, then oblivion.

A connection happening in an interstice.

This choreographic duo tries to enlighten the place of foreigners in the society.

The body talks, it lights our presence in the world and challenges the intimate fragility of the traveller.

This man and this woman, breathless itinerants, run through their wandering damaged journey here on earth.

“No Man's Land is fascinating to me by its poetically efficient research. Electronic Creole sounds coming from the Indian Ocean, get combined with dance and stay on the edge of migratory flows. The music creates the choreographic space and discusses with poems of M.Houellebecq, E.Dickinson, C.Faber,... which are personified by singers and fonkézers of Reunion Island. These voices are the bridge between the 17 years separating the previous version to this new one and they update the political side of the performance.”


“Nowadays, we had to recreate this choreographic performance to question, once again, those themes like exile, clandestinity, and destiny of refugees. Today, we can't ignore the reality of migrants and all the ordeals they go through. So let's dance”

Valérie Rivière