Orchestre univers

3rd LP (2019)
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Orchestre univers

All tracks written and produced by Labelle

Transcription by Julien Vincenot

Conductor by Laurent Goossaert

Electronics by Labelle

Réunionese percussions by Vincent Philéas, David Abrousse

Classical percussions by Sophie Gallet, Frédéric Tonneau

String quartet (from KW Kwatyor) by Marc André Conry - violon, Eva Tasmadjian - violon, Kahina Zaïmen - alto, Christophe Boney - cello

Wood trio (from wind quintet the Mascareignes): Lucie Millet - Oboe, David Checot - Transverse flute & Alto flute, Denis Lapôtre - Clarinet & Bass clarinet

Guest : Prakash Sontakke (slide guitar)

Performed at TEAT Plein Air, St-Gilles, Réunion Island the 24th of March 2018.

Sound engineer : Lionel Mercier

Recorded by MDC Production

Pictures by Sébastien Marchal

Lighting design by Alexia Nguyen Thi

Mixed by Cesar Urbina (Cubenx)

Artwork by Kid Kreol & Boogie

Executive design by MTPC

Mastered by Zino @ Mikorey Mastering

Cutted by Andreas @Schnittstelle.ws

A&R by Alexandre Cazac

Published by InFiné éditions

iF1049 - ℗ & © 2019 InFiné

Thanks to the initiators Magali Palma and François Vigneron, The Region of Reunion. All the staff from CRR and ORR, The TEAT Réunion, The Cité des Arts, The Theatre Luc Donat

Supported by The Region Reunion.

With the help of the Orchestre Regional of Reunion Island, Labelle opens a new chapter in the merging of classical and Pop music, and the heritage of Europe and the Indian Ocean.

This new LP, composed especially for the Orchestre univers, was recorded live over the course of four concerts, performed at the four corners of the Réunion, in the island’s most beautiful concert halls. A sequence of breathless trancelike moments, Post-maloya and technological experiments, the album floats between tradition and modernity, like a sonic odyssey that is only the beginning of an ongoing saga…

"Cordes, clarinette, flûtes et percussions conversent ou se fondent avec les boucles, nappes, brumes et orages dessinés par Labelle"
Le Monde
"La Vie brings together the slide guitar, maloya rhythms and cues from Stravinsky to create hauntingly atmospheric washes of sound that perfectly evoke the intergalactic theme"
"Un brassage néoclassique délicat" Le Son du jour.
"Labelle défie la pesanteur et dessine les contours du futur de la musique de l'océan Indien" Album of the month.
Trax Magazine
"Labelle is clearly a very talented musician, composer and producer. His synthesis of modal harmonies and tribal rhythms is very reminiscent of the ‘Fourth World’ created by the venerable Jon Hassell"
Monolith Cocktail
"Labelle et son orchestre, un big bang planant"
Playlisted by
Gilles Peterson